Bridesmaid’s makeup and hair

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Bridesmaids come next to the bride; accompanying the bride throughout the event, they make a perfect accord.

Bridesmaid’s makeup and hair

Makeup clichés wouldn’t make you stand out of the crowd, you need to go unique as per your beauty.

You as a bridesmaid would never want to upstage bride, nor want to take on a simple or minimal look. We are here to give you a soft and sundry touch. Whether you want a simple yet swanky look, subtly enhance your features or want to go with the theme incorporated for the wedding day, we can groom it all. Our makeup and hairstyling experts can add a statement to your look by sweeping highlighters for sleek and subtle contouring to make you look natural and fresh.
From chiseling your cheekbones to hinting your eyes with matte shadow to teaming it with nude lip shades, we can curate a perfect look for you. We will give you a finished look which will remain intact as long as you want.

Our extensive and quality make-up services are for all, bride, bridesmaid, ladies on bride and groom side. These services cover pre-wedding makeup, Bridal Showers and Bachelorette Parties for Full makeup applications. Get for yourself the look you have envisioned for your special day. Have a Glimpse at our Offerings



Whether you are a group of two intending to twin with the bride or a group of 6-7 bridesmaid who picks the same outfit for ceremony, your make up would add the element of perfection to it. Discuss your personalized requirements with us to get glammed analogous to each other.

Makeup and Hair Preview

Last-minute preparation or changes don’t result in the way we want. You would have tried the dress once, why not makeup? Makeup trails help you deal with the complexities you might face due to the application of different products so as to avoid them in the future. Choosing us as your makeup artist, you will get the surety of getting valuable advice and insight for the wedding day styling. Our experts weigh in with their experience to revamp your look using Professional HD foundation, makeup & false lashes and other essentials.

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