It's your wedding day, you are no less than the queen of the universe today and you should look special. You might have spent hours strolling through Instagram to pick the best wedding day look that complements your exceptional outfit. Here we are to make you look out of the world.
“To look beautiful is not enough, but to give a perfect blush is what our experts and wedding makeup artist want”

Our Work Exemplifies Our Excellence 

Our wedding day look artists will do up all your makeup and hair needs for a stress-free and seamless makeup experience. We provide services as per your convenience at your location. Our professional makeup artists will not only add a glamming look but will give you the ambiance where your confidence will be boosted. The bride is the center of attraction and should reflect her presence beautifully. Having dolled up many brides for their special day, we have attained perfection and confidence in the same. Whether you want subtle or bold, shimmery or chic, we can give you the desirable element. Every bride is unique and as a renowned hair and makeup artist, I try to tailor it as per individual needs. From highlighting applications to fine detailing for flawless contouring, I have a galore of options to beautify brides, keeping their skin type in view. Our process for the same includes bridal consultations and makeup trials to ensure that different products go with your skin type without affecting it later.
Our extensive and quality make-up services are for all, bride, bridesmaid, ladies on bride and groom side. These services cover pre-wedding makeup, Bridal Showers and Bachelorette Parties for Full makeup applications.
Get for yourself the look you have envisioned for your special day.

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Each one of us has a unique skin type, our makeup artists know it all. They will give you the time you need to speak out your expectations for your dream day. Blending your expectations with our expertise helps us to tailor your look. To render an eye-catching make-up is all we do.

Makeup and Hair Preview

Get a glimpse of your wedding day look beforehand; not everything goes the way we think it will go, and so the makeup. From patch application to full makeup or hair trial, we do it all to ensure that your make up will look natural and sophisticated. For instance, hair styling may appear limped up after a few hours, so we will make up sure to use the best hairstyles and products to let it remain intact until you unbraid.

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