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Weddings are once in a lifetime type of event which requires everything to be uniquely created and fashioned and so the “Bride”. The bride is the crowning glory of the evening. When a bride walks in, she not only carries her gown, but her confidence, her attitude, and her makeup, which makes her look different from the rest of the days. Be it hairstyle or the make-up, the dress or the shoes, she plans it all with minute detailing for her day. From happening entry to a poignant departure, everything needs to remain intact from start to end and especially makeup.

Make-up is something that makes you look fresh throughout the event, even if you are tired. An eye-catching and complementing makeup emphasis the natural gleam, which brings out the confidence the bride possesses.

As a wedding makeup artist expert, I know how to apply long-lasting and perfect makeup on brides. Along with this, I pay attention to skin type while picking beauty products to prevent adverse effects. Before the final or wedding day makes up the application, I prefer makeup preview or make up trial to analyses the skin for final makeup. This is done a few days before to let it react likewise. Also, makeup trial gives them a glimpse of the look they will be swathing on their day. We initiate the process with a fine consultation which helps us to know the expectation of the brides.

Unique Bride`s Style

The elegance of bridal makeup lies in exaggerating her facial features and disguising her facial imperfections, a makeup artist is apt in performing both. Minuteness is the key of makeup, it shouldn’t be like she is given with an overdosed makeup or is as minimal as nothing, and rather it should be a perfect balance to make her look appealing in her own way. Consistency in makeup adds to the perfection. If your facial features are not enough to give you the look you want, you can take on false accessories. For instance fake lashes, profuse eyelashes exaggerate on eyes to make them look more attractive and filled. Layering is another important factor requiring consideration. Layering a cream and powdered blush would render it a shade of uniqueness along with long-lasting perfection.

We as a team of hair and makeup artists love performing both on-site makeup and makeup trial. From last-minute accommodation to cancellation, we have seen it all. This motivated us to excel in our skills and form a firm grasp upon the latest techniques. Our beauty services are offered all across Greece with unique and highly customizable packages.

Let’s add glam to your wedding day pictures

We offer onsite photography services to eternalize the moments in pictures clicked using high-quality cameras. From perfect pictures to clicks of make-up transformations, we capture it all for you.

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