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Best Wedding Makeup Santorini - Tips for Monsoon Bride

Best Wedding Makeup Santorini - Tips for Monsoon Bride

Marked your wedding date and looking for someone to add wow factor to your look on your wedding day? Every would-be bride dreams the same, but only a few could attain. Having your wedding during monsoon requires an enhanced makeup application.

Now, that your wedding gown is sorted, it’s time to work on makeup and hair.

Get a more gorgeous and glammed version of you, book artist for your bridal appearance. Owing to my wealth of makeup artistry experience, I can provide the best wedding makeup Santorini tips for monsoon brides to achieve perfect makeup look. For brides, monsoon can be exhausting as well as romantic as it can smudge their makeup and melt it halfway down on their faces, but as monsoon is the season of romance it can add that lasting memory.

1. Work on your skin ahead of your wedding day

Now, that you know you are going to get married during monsoon, prepping your skin would add a sign of relief. Follow a skincare regime, and try to improve its texture for a smoother makeup application. Apply a mild honey and sugar scrub on your face, pat your skin with ice cubes, hydrate your skin using facemasks before wedding makeup Santorini.

2. Use oil-free primer

Humidity can lead your make-up to roll down your cheeks and neck way; stop imagining, its gross. Mattify your makeup using oil-absorbing powder to ensure that it lasts longer than it usually can. Keep blotting paper with you. It can absorb excess oil and sweat from your face. Using a water-based foundation instead of crèam, ones to let the makeup survive in humid weather and set it using oil-absorbing powder. Strictly avoid cream-based makeup.

3. Avoid makeup overdo

Using glitters or shimmers is an obsolete trend. Pick something more realistic, go for matte. It delivers your face a more refined look and can stay for as long as you remove it on your own. It can blend with your party theme to give a complementing look. Matte bronzers can exaggerate your natural look for your wedding day. Use make-up and hair setting spray for a longer stay of bridal hair and makeup Santorini.

4. Pick waterproofed add-ons

Prefer smudge-free mascara and eyeliner, and highlight it with nude eye shadows to let it remain undisturbed for hours.

Being a highly experienced and trained wedding makeup artist Santorini, I master the skills of choosing the best bridal look for you. From a simplistic, soft, subtle & radiant look to a highly intricate and highlighted customized look, I can render it all with utter perfection. I can create your timeless look for your wedding pictures using best in class, high products.


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