How to Select Your Wedding Beautician and Find the Perfect Look

While many of us enjoy the classic style, the contemporary wedding styles are a worthy competitor. Similarly, there isn’t a lack of stylists, to style you up for your wedding. The key is to find the right one, who can cater to your dreamed look. If you are on the outlook for a hairstylist in Santorini, and for a clever makeup artist, here are a few tips. 

  • Have Time in Hand 

A wedding is a beautiful, but stressful time. You cannot book your beautician at the last moment and hope it goes fine on the wedding day. Not only booking early hand, will help you appoint your best pick of a makeup artist, Santorini, on your big day before others. It will also give you time to go through the needed number of trials and discuss your Santorini makeup looks. 

  • Cutting Down Risks with Trials

You loved a wedding look but how do you know for sure, it will look good on you on the final day? We don’t want that risk. This is why most advise appointing your beautician for trials to try out your favorite pick of wedding looks and hairstyles. 

  • Check Their Process and Reviews

Not every hairstylist in Santorini works the same way. First check if the same beautician will readily do both, your hair and makeup. Secondly, check up on their reviews and learn if your shortlisted beauticians are qualified, if prior brides have had a good experience working with them, and so on. Also learn how they work their process, the kind of products they use, and if you find it suitable for your wedding needs. 

  • Communication is Key

No matter how talented a stylist is, it is not necessary you’d like their style for you. So if you have specifications for your hair or Santorini makeup, communicate them. And if you are not satisfied with the trial look, tell them what changes you’d like. If you have sensitive skin or are allergic to certain products, communicate!

Tips to Finding the Perfect Wedding Look

If you are unable to settle on a final look, you can discuss with your beautician and settle for on. Make sure to try and run it. However, if you want early preparation on your end, here are some tips you’ll find helpful. 

  • Check the latest wedding trends and see if you find something you like.
  • Draw inspiration from popular celebrity wedding looks. 
  • Your wedding outfit can help you settle on your makeup.
  • Choose your areas of preference. Whether you want a shiny eye, or a bold lip, and more. 
  • Check the weather, and settle on a look that you can perfectly carry around then. 
  • Your peers and family will not lie to you, ask them what colors or looks, they like you in. 

Hopefully, this guide helps you find your hairstylist and makeup artist in Santorini, and you end up getting your dream look for your wedding.

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