How to Have the Perfect Santorini Dream Wedding?

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With clear blue skies, elegant blue waves of the calm sea, and rocky cliff, Santorini has always been a popular choice for couples to have their dream wedding. Needless to say, the very need of a dream wedding is to have everything perfect to your wishes from the carpet to your bridal makeup and hairstyle to the tablecloths. Here is a guide to help you have your dream Santorini Wedding.

How to Have an Ideal Santorini Wedding

Here are a few tips below that can help you have your dream wedding

  • Have More Than Enough Time in Hand

Santorini being a popular wedding destination for the couple, you need to book your wedding location and your stylist, settle on bridal makeup and hairstyle, all in advance. Have as many trials for Santorini makeup as you need to get everything in order, but setting short on time can mean missing your favorite destination and unnecessary stress.

  • Santorini Wedding Locations

The beautiful Santorini atmosphere opens up multiple wedding venue options. You can choose to have a rooftop or hotel wedding with a view of the sea or have a beach wedding itself. There are also elegant churches in Santorini where you can have your wedding. 

  • What’s the Ideal Wedding Season

We all want our weddings to be pleasant and it is important to not feel like you are melting off in your dress or tux. The ideal wedding season in Santorini is usually between April to October. But if you want to avoid the crowd, it is better to avoid July and August as the beach will be filled with tourists.

  • Hire Your Wedding Services Beforehand

The rush and stress of a wedding are unavoidable. But you can always help it. Hire the necessary wedding services vendors beforehand. The caterer that’ll be serving, the stylist, the electrician, and more. Settle on the wedding style, the Santorini hair and makeup you’ll be opting for, and further. Don’t forget to find your bridesmaid’s stylist. 

Which Makeup is best for a Wedding?

wedding makeup santorini

Just as wedding styles, there are plenty of wedding makeup types you can opt for. There is no right or wrong, too little or too much when it comes to makeup. Here are a few popular Santorini makeup styles: 

– The Elegant and Simple Beachy Look.

– The Bold Statement Look.

– The Classic and Graceful Santorini Makeup

– Bohemian 

– Vintage and Rustic

– Simple but Shimmery

– Glamorous 

Read up on how to select your wedding beautician and have them assist you to find your perfect Santorini hair and makeup style, and don’t forget to have a trial before the dream day.

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